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Score Study - Hauswirth, Felix

Kategorie: Dirigieren — Verlag: Ruh Musik AG (CH) — Katalognummer: bnh414 — Artikelnummer: 97883474

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"The effectiveness of a conductor's job largely depends on prior study of the score. Yet this is the single most neglected subject in conductors' training programs. The idea for this guide came about as a result of this fact, hence it is entirely orientated towards practical work with an orchestra.

The first part deals with the theoretical aspects of score study. The second part consists of an analysis of a real example, a programmatic work entitled "Pilatus? by Steven Reineke. The intention is that of providing an effective guide to score study aimed at making rehearsals more effective, thus limiting the need for unnecessary extra work."

Sprache: englisch
Autor: Hauswirth, Felix

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Verlag: Ruh Musik AG (CH)
Katalognummer: bnh414
EAN: 4251572569433

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